Belgium ID card


Apply for Belgium ID card

In Belgium, the identity card is known as an electronic identity card (eID) due to its electronic functionalities. Here’s how to apply for a Belgian eID:


  • You must be a Belgian citizen aged 12 or over and registered in the Belgian population register.

Application Process:

  • In Person: You must apply for your eID in person at your local municipality’s administrative center or a designated liaison office. Going in person allows for fingerprint verification and document checks.
  • Appointment: Most municipalities require appointments for eID applications. Check your municipality’s website for details on scheduling an appointment.

What to Bring:

  • Current Belgian identity card or certificate of loss/theft (if applicable): If you have a previous eID, bring it along. If you lost it or had it stolen, bring a certificate from the police.
  • Recent passport photo (maximum 6 months old): The photo must meet specific ICAO standards. You can find information on these standards and where to get approved photos on your municipality’s website.
  • Payment for the eID fee: The cost is typically cost and may vary depending on your municipality.

After Applying:

  • Processing typically takes around 6 weeks.
  • You’ll receive a notification by mail with a PIN code once your eID is ready for collection.
  • Collection: You can collect your eID card without an appointment at the counter where you applied or have it sent by registered mail (may require an additional fee).

Here are some resources to help you find the relevant municipality office:

  • Find your municipality’s website: You can search online for “[your municipality name] + Belgium + website”.
  • FPS Home Affairs – eID information:  (This website is in Dutch and French, but you can use a translation tool in your web browser if needed).