Buy German Driving Licence


Buy German Driving Licence

In Germany, a driver’s license is called a Führerschein (pronounced ‘führər-shayn’). Here’s what you need to know about getting a German Driver’s License:


  • Minimum Age: The minimum age to obtain a German driving license is:
    • 16 for mopeds (under 50ccm and 25 km/h speed limit).
    • 17 with a qualified companion for cars and motorcycles (with a probationary period).
    • 18 for unrestricted car and motorcycle licenses.
  • Residency: If you are a resident of Germany, you can apply for a German driver’s license.

License Types:

Germany follows the EU standard driver’s license categories. Here are some common ones:

  • B: Cars (most common).
  • A: Motorcycles.
  • A1: Light motorcycles (up to 125 ccm and 11 kW).
  • AM: Mopeds (up to 50 ccm and 45 km/h speed limit).

Requirements for Obtaining a German Driving Licence:

  • Meet the age requirement.
  • Pass a medical exam to ensure your physical fitness for driving.
  • Complete a first-aid course.
  • Enroll in a driving school and take theoretical and practical driving lessons.
  • Pass the theoretical test (theoryprüfung): This computer-based test covers traffic regulations, road signs, and safe driving practices.
  • Pass the practical driving test (praktische Prüfung): This test assesses your driving skills in various road conditions.

Additional Information:

  • EU/EEA/International License Holders: If you have a valid driver’s license from an EU, EEA country, or hold an International Driving Permit (IDP) alongside your license from a country with a reciprocal agreement with Germany, you might be able to use it for up to six months. After that, you would typically need to obtain a German license.
  • Non-EU License Holders: If your license is from a country outside the EU/EEA and doesn’t have a reciprocity agreement with Germany, you will likely need to go through the entire process of obtaining a German license, including written and practical tests.