Italy ID card


Apply for an Italian id card

In Italy, the ID card is called a “Carta d’Identità” (Identity Card). Here’s how to apply for one:


  • You must be a registered resident of Italy.

Applying Within Italy:

  1. Choose Your Application Method: You can apply for an Italian ID card in two main ways:

    • In Person: This is the most common method.
    • Online with Prenot@MI (limited availability): This online booking system is only available in some participating municipalities. Check your municipality’s website to see if they offer online appointments.
  2. In-Person Application (Most Common Method):

    • Schedule an Appointment: Contact your municipality’s Ufficio Anagrafe (Registry Office) to schedule an appointment. You can find contact information for your local Ufficio Anagrafe on your municipality’s website.
  3. Gather Required Documents:

    • Valid proof of identity (passport, driver’s license for EU/EEA citizens)
    • Italian tax code (codice fiscale)
    • One recent passport photo meeting specific requirements
    • If applicable: any documents related to a name change, marriage certificate, or proof of residence (utility bill, rental agreement) ID Card for sale
  4. Attend Your Appointment: Bring your documents and attend your appointment at the Ufficio Anagrafe. Your fingerprints may be scanned during the appointment.

  5. Processing and Approval: Processing typically takes a few days to a few weeks. You’ll be notified by mail or phone once your ID card is ready for collection.

Online Application with Prenot@MI (if available):

If your municipality offers online appointments through Prenot@MI, the process will involve:

  1. Accessing Prenot@MI: Visit the Prenot@MI online portal
  2. Selecting Your Municipality: Choose your municipality from the list.
  3. Booking an Appointment: Follow the on-screen instructions to book an appointment for your ID card application. you can also Apply for UK ID Card
  4. Preparing for Your Appointment: Gather the required documents and attend your appointment at the designated office on the chosen date and time. Italy ID card

Important Notes:

  • Applying for your first ID card in person is mandatory. Renewals might be possible online in some municipalities with Prenot@MI integration. Italy ID card
  • Minors (under 14) require a legal guardian to be present during the application process. Italy ID card