Portugal ID card


Apply for a Portuguese identity card

Portugal’s ID card is called a “Cartão de Cidadão” (Citizen’s Card) and serves as both an identification document and a digital signature certificate. Here’s how to apply for one:


  • You must be a Portuguese citizen (already hold a Portuguese passport).

Application Process:

The process depends on whether you’re applying for your first Citizen’s Card or a renewal:

  • First Application:

    • In Person: You must apply in person at one of the following locations:
      • Registries and Notary Institute (IRN) office in Portugal
      • Citizen Bureaus in Portugal
      • RIAC Bureaus (in Azores)
      • Portuguese consular stations (if you reside abroad)
    • Gather Required Documents: These may vary slightly depending on your situation. Common requirements include:
      • Birth certificate
      • Portuguese Taxpayer Card (NIF)
      • Social Security card
      • User card of the National Health System or another health system you may have
      • Voter card (if applicable)
      • Passport photo meeting specific requirements
    • Submit Your Application: Pay the application fee and submit your complete application package at your chosen location. you can also Apply for UK ID Card, Buy UK ID Card
  • Renewal:

    • Online Renewal (with limitations): In some cases, online renewals might be possible through a lawyer or solicitor, but this is not the standard procedure.
    • In Person: Typically, renewals also require an in-person visit to an IRN office, Citizen Bureau, RIAC Bureau (Azores), or Portuguese consulate (abroad).
    • Required Documents: These will likely be simpler than a first application, often just requiring your current Citizen’s Card and proof of payment for the renewal fee. Always confirm specifics with the issuing entity. ID Card for sale

Additional Resources:

  • ePortugal – Obtaining a Portuguese Citizen’s Card:(This website provides information on eligibility requirements, document checklists, and the application process for the Citizen’s Card)
  • Consulate General of Portugal in Toronto (reference for process):(This consulate website showcases the application process and required documents for a Citizen’s Card, though it mostly applies to Portuguese citizens already abroad) Portugal ID card

Important Notes:

  • Applying for your first Citizen’s Card in person is mandatory. Renewals may have some online options depending on your situation. Portugal ID card
  • Always confirm the latest requirements and procedures with the issuing entity (IRN office, Citizen Bureau, etc.) as these can change. Portugal ID card