Belgium driver’s licence


Belgium driver’s licence

Acquiring a Belgian driver’s license involves a few steps, and the process can differ slightly depending on whether you hold a license from another country. Here’s a breakdown: Driving Licence for sale


  • Be at least 17 years old for a learner’s permit, and 18 years old for a full license (catégorie B – car).
  • Meet basic visual acuity requirements (correctable to a minimum standard).
  • Possess a valid Belgian residence permit if you’re not a Belgian citizen.

Two Options:

  1. Exchanging a Foreign License (If Applicable): If you hold a valid driver’s license from an EU/EEA country or a country with a reciprocity agreement with Belgium, you might be able to exchange it for a Belgian license. This is generally faster.

  2. Obtaining a New Belgian Driver’s License: If you don’t qualify for an exchange, you’ll need to take the full Belgian licensing process. exchange your noneuropean driving licence

Exchanging a Foreign License:

  • Check if your country has a reciprocity agreement with Belgium:  (Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport)
  • Gather required documents (your foreign license, Belgian translation if needed, proof of residency, passport photo).
  • Visit your local municipality’s office (commune) to apply. Fees may apply.

Obtaining a New Belgian Driver’s License:

  1. Register with a Driving School (Auto-école/Rijschool): While not mandatory, enrolling in a driving school is highly recommended as they’ll provide classroom instruction, practical driving lessons, and assist with the application process. appointmentbutton collapsed titleconditions

  2. Theory Test (Examen théorique/Theorieexamen): Pass a computer-based theory test on Belgian traffic regulations and road signs. You can take it in Dutch (Flanders, Brussels), French (Wallonia, Brussels), or German (limited areas).

  3. Learner’s Permit (Permis de conduire provisoire/Voorlopig rijbewijs): Upon passing the theory test, you’ll receive a learner’s permit allowing supervised driving practice (with an experienced driver over 21 years old who has held a license for at least 3 years). There are two options for obtaining your learner’s permit:

    • With a Driving School: Enroll in a training program with a minimum of 20 hours of practical lessons with an instructor. After successful completion, the school will submit your application for the learner’s permit.
    • Private Training: Find a qualified driver to supervise your practice. You’ll need a certificate of competence from a certified instructor to apply for the learner’s permit at your local commune office.
  4. Practical Driving Test (Examen pratique/Praktijkexamen): After sufficient practice with your permit, take the practical driving test with a government examiner. The test assesses your ability to handle the vehicle safely on the road and in various traffic situations.

  5. Receive Your License: Upon passing both theory and practical tests, your local commune office will issue your Belgian driver’s license.

Additional Information:

  • Documents Required: You’ll typically need proof of identity (passport or identity card), proof of residence, a valid theory test certificate, a passed practical test record, and a medical certificate (may be required in some cases).
  • Costs: Expect to pay fees for the driving school (if you use one), theory test, practical test, medical certificate (if needed), and driver’s license itself.


  • Belgian Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport (English):
  • Expatica Guide on Getting a Belgian Driver’s License (English): – How to obtain a category B driving licence (English):


  • This is a general overview. It’s always best to check the latest requirements with your local commune office for the most up-to-date information.
  • Consider using a driving school (auto-école/rijschool) for guidance and practice throughout the process, especially if you’re unfamiliar with Belgian traffic regulations.
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