Swiss ID card


Apply for a Swiss ID card

Swiss ID card

Switzerland uses a document called a “Schweizer Identitätskarte” (Swiss identity card) which serves as both an ID card and a travel document within Schengen Area countries. Here’s how to apply for a Swiss ID card:


  • You must be a Swiss citizen registered with a Swiss municipality.

Application Process:

The process depends on whether you’re applying for your first ID card or a renewal:

  • First Application:

    • In Person: You must apply in person at your commune’s Einwohnerkontrolle (residents’ registration office).

    • Gather Required Documents: These may vary slightly depending on your commune but typically include:

      • A completed application form (often available at the Einwohnerkontrolle office)
      • Birth certificate (original or certified copy)
      • Passport photo meeting specific requirements ([invalid URL removed])
      • Proof of residence in Switzerland (utility bill, rental agreement)
    • Submit Your Application: Pay the application fee (around CHF 30) and submit your complete application package at the Einwohnerkontrolle office.

  • Renewal:

    • In Person or Online (depending on commune): Some communes allow online renewals through their citizen portals. However, in-person application at the Einwohnerkontrolle office is still common.
    • Required Documents: These will likely be simpler than a first application, often just requiring your current ID card and proof of payment for the renewal fee. Always confirm specifics with your commune’s Einwohnerkontrolle office.

Important Notes:

  • Applying for your first ID card in person is mandatory.
  • Minors (under 18) require permission from their legal guardian(s) to apply for an ID card.

Additional Resources:

  • Swiss authorities – Identity card: (This website provides a general overview of the application process for a Swiss ID card)
  • Schweizer Pass – Requirements for passport photos: [invalid URL removed] (This website details the specific requirements for Swiss ID card passport photos)

Finding Your Commune’s Einwohnerkontrolle:

  • You can find contact information for your commune’s Einwohnerkontrolle office through the website of your canton (state) or your commune itself. Here are some resources to help you locate your commune’s Einwohnerkontrolle:
    • Swiss Confederation – Cantons:
    • Association of Towns and Municipalities of Switzerland – Find a municipality: (This website allows you to search for your commune by name or postal code)