Germany ID card


Apply for a German identity card

Here’s how to apply for a German ID card (Personalausweis):


  • You must be a German citizen with a registered address in Germany.

Applying Within Germany:

  1. Make an Appointment: Contact your local Bürgerservicebehörde (citizen service office) to schedule an appointment. You can find contact information for your local citizen service office on your municipality’s website.

  2. Gather Required Documents:

    • Valid proof of identity (current passport, driver’s license, etc. for applicants over 16)
    • Birth certificate (original or certified copy)
    • One biometric recent passport photo meeting specific requirements ([invalid URL removed])
    • If applicable: any documents related to a name change, marriage certificate, or legal guardian permission (for minors)
    • Payment for the ID card fee (typically around €30)
  3. Attend Your Appointment: Bring your documents and attend your appointment at the citizen service office. Your fingerprints will likely be scanned during the appointment.

  4. Processing and Approval: Processing typically takes a few weeks. You’ll be notified by mail once your ID card is ready for collection.

Important Notes:

  • Applying for your first ID card in person is mandatory. Renewals might be possible online in some municipalities. German ID card for sale
  • Minors (under 16) require a legal guardian to be present during the application process.

Applying Outside Germany:

If you are a German citizen residing outside of Germany, you can apply for a German ID card at the nearest German embassy or consulate.

  • Contact the Embassy or Consulate: Find your nearest location through the Federal Foreign Office website
  • Schedule an Appointment: Most embassies recommend scheduling an appointment in advance.
  • Prepare Required Documents: These will be similar to what’s required in Germany but may vary slightly depending on the embassy/consulate. Always confirm exact requirements beforehand. They typically include:
    • A completed application form (available online or at the embassy)
    • Proof of German citizenship (birth certificate, etc.)
    • Proof of residency in your current country
    • Two recent passport-sized photographs meeting embassy specifications
    • Payment for the ID card fee (fees may vary depending on location and chosen processing speed)