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Apply for a Spanish identity card

Spain’s ID card for foreign nationals is called a “Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero” (TIE), which translates to Foreigner’s Identity Card. Here’s how to apply for a TIE:


  • You must have a valid visa or residence permit that allows you to reside in Spain.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Obtain Required Documents:

    • Completed application form EX-17: This can be downloaded and filled out electronically or by hand.
    • Passport: Original passport and a photocopy of the biographical data page (information page).
    • Proof of legal entry into Spain: This could be a visa stamp in your passport or a separate document.
    • Proof of residence in Spain: A utility bill, rental agreement, or padrón certificate (registration document) can serve as proof of residence.
    • Proof of application fee payment: Form 790, code 012, serves as proof of paying the application fee. You can download this form  and use it to pay the fee at a bank.
    • Recent passport-sized photograph: Meeting Spanish specifications (generally 33x42mm, color with a white background).
  2. Schedule an Appointment: You can schedule an appointment for your TIE application online through the website of the Spanish Office of Foreigners Attend Your Appointment: Bring all the required documents and attend your appointment at the designated police station or immigration office. Your fingerprints will likely be scanned during the appointment.

  3. Processing and Approval: Processing typically takes around a month. You may be contacted for additional information or verification if needed.

  4. Collect Your TIE Card: Once approved, you’ll be notified on how to collect your TIE card (by mail or pick-up at the office).

Additional Resources:

  • Spain – Foreigner’s Identity Card (TIE):  (This website provides a good overview of the application process, requirements, and what to expect)
  • Spanish Ministry of Interior – Form Ex-17 (Application Form): (This website allows you to download the application form)
  • Spanish Tax Agency – Form 790 (Fee Payment Form): (This website allows you to download the fee payment form)

Important Notes:

  • You can submit your TIE application in person at an authorized office. There is no option to apply online for the initial application. Buy ID Card
  • Make sure to schedule an appointment before going to the office to avoid long waits. ID Card for sale